Make Democracy Better

A province-wide conversation on the future of democracy.

The first phase of the Make Democracy Better Project is now complete. Thank you to all who participated. You can view the results here. In this phase, Make Democracy Better participants have helped to determine the areas that deserve further exploration and public deliberation. Expect more opportunities to participate in public engagement sessions on priority topics in the coming months. Explore those topics here


Our Vision

Imagine a democracy where it’s easier to think of reasons to step up and get engaged, than it is to think of reasons to stay home.

Imagine a political system where we judged new ideas based on where they could take us, rather than where those ideas came from, or who came up with them.

Imagine a Nova Scotia where the citizenry is alive, where our democracy isn’t just something we have, but something we do— a culture— where each of us feels a sense of responsibility to those around us.

The Problem

Too often, citizens, members of the public service, and even elected officials feel like the issues they care about are getting dealt with in a black box instead of in the public square. Too many of us don’t even know where to start when it comes to addressing the issues we care about.

People are staying home, and losing faith in the virtues of practicing citizenship. Participation in elections is at an all time low, our legislatures are increasingly seen as irrelevant, and meaningful public engagement between elections is rare.

Democracy isn’t getting any better on it’s own.

Our Response

At the Springtide Collective, we believe there’s a better way. Other community groups exist to advocate for and organize around important policy issues— like education, the environment or health care.

Springtide’s role is complementary and foundational to these groups. We are a steward for a healthy and vibrant democracy and want a political system that is reflective of its people, and designed to make decisions in their best interest.

To do this we’ve made educational videos that explain politics in plain language; we’ve built websites to help you keep tack of politician’s commitments, and we’ve conducted research that helps all of us understand what is and isn’t working in our democracy. But we recognize that when it comes to addressing the deep problems facing our democracy, we’ve barely scratched the surface and there’s much more to be done.

This Fall, we’re inviting you to be a part of a series of community conversations on the ground and online across Nova Scotia about Making Democracy Better!

We’re reaching out because we can’t do it alone.

The world is changing, and we need your help to make sure that our democracy changes with it.